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If you have already played golf for over 10 times a year or if you are playing in a certain golf league, probably you have already heard of or even had the famous perfect golf swing for at least once in your entire life. If you really love playing golf then, obviously, you would certainly want to have that, though there are really some people who would try to tell you that that certain thing is not really existing or possible because it is just a myth. Are you one of them who wonder if it is just a myth?All golfers are very much interested to know the possible way on how to make the perfect golf swing in their entire golfing career and experience.

Everything about the perfect golf swing

There is no any wonder with that because it is the desire, the ultimate goal, and dream of any golf player out there, whether they are just plainly playing this kind of sport as a hobby or as a professional. Is there really such a thing like this or is it just another myth that is being perpetuated by some golf swing instructors so they can effectively sell their own versions of their golf swing? As we all know, golf is one of the sports in history and today that is very technical and requires a lot of practice and patience right on the part of the player.

Everything about the perfect golf swing

What is the perfect golf swing?

Many experienced golf instructors and golfers argue that there is no such thing like that and if it is possible, it is quite hard to do because it involves a combination of complicated and good techniques that are being applied consistently in order to ensure that a player will certainly deliver a really great and impressive shot. The first place where should you start in answering the question like: “what is this kind of golf shot really is” lies with the grip.

A perfect golf swing starts right with Simple Swing and Grip in Golf which is something that most golf instructors would always certainly insist upon, and since the golf swing involves the player’s whole body we can conclude that it requires his hands to firmly hold or grip the golf club as he swings it and then delivers the possible impact. The player’s hands must act as the conductor which will transfer the power and speed that has been effectively generated by his body’s turning movement or motion right to the golf ball.

His hands must also hold the golf club in a way that it will approach the golf ball in a certain square position. In order to achieve this, the player’s hands should be in a good and neutral position, which means his palm must face each other right across the club shaft while it is being squared to the ball. Perfect Golf Swing is fun to do and it is one of the best parts of playing golf before doing this golf swing, it’s better if you have some knowledge first of the basic on How to Play Golf Properly.

What is the perfect golf swing in terms of the backswing?

In order to effectively do the golf swing perfectly, the player needs to draw his golf club in a single motion and then when the club finally starts back it must be accompanied by a possible turn off the player’s left shoulder and hips, in this way the weight will be transferred to the right side. His hands should then begin to set when they are already at his waist height and his shoulders should just continue to turn as the golf club continues to rise to the top. It is important also that his hands must remain set even as he raise the golf club right to the top for more consistent shots.

The perfect golf swings with the downswing

In order to be satisfied with your golf swing, your downswing must be delivered in a controlled but strong manner to get the very best shot as much as possible. The point of this move is to effectively deliver a controlled but maximum impact to the ball. The player must avoid going too hard or too fast because it will just result in a series of bad shots which may dismay him. It is important to remember that too much speed will just cause the golf club to uncontrollably reach the maximum force and speed before reaching the golf ball and this would certainly result in bad and weaker shots.

In order to make a perfect golf swing, the player should either try his best to sue the maximum power to start his back swing or build-up the power right through the whole swing so the golf club will be at its maximum force in time that it already hits the golf ball. It is also highly recommended that a player should increase also the torque to the maximum slightly right after he is just starting the backswing and then effectively maintain the force until he already hits the golf ball.

The perfect golf swings right in the finish

Golf players always dream to make a good finish in every play that they do because it is very important for giving off a great shot and the finish, as always, needs to be that high. Remember that a low finish will always result in a toppled shots as well as a difficult time to get the ball airborne, so definitely it must be avoided. To make a good finish, the player’s golf club needs to stay or remain square a few inches after the impact to ensure that the golf ball will attain its proper flight. The weight in his left side should be transferred to the right when doing the finish. For a good finish, his right knee must be the one facing the subject or target and his hands should then end up high, near his left ear.