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Online Casino Cash Back Offers

Online gambling sites nowadays do offer a rebate to their clients free whether they win the game or not as one way of attracting other players and the same time maintaining the already existing gamblers to continue betting at their gambling sites. There are so many names given to these rebates, cash backs and bonuses are common of them.

Online Casino Cash Back Offers

How cash backs work

Gamblers can only become eligible to receive cash backs after they have performed a certain work or maybe they have met certain requirements. There are a number of forms of cash book but the most commonly of them is known to as bonus which is made against a deposit made by a bettor at the Online Gambling site. Casinos have different ways of rewarding the rebate, some credit automatically the bonus directly to player’s account while others need that the gambler has to claim the bonus where they are supposed to redeem the bonus using a certain code. Those bonus rebates that might be against deposit can’t be cashed.

This type of bonus can also be offered against a specified amount of money gambled at the gambling sites and also against the losses which gambler might have incurred in the game. Gamblers are given an option of withdrawing these cash back rebates without having met the required wagered though it is necessary that this should happen. Learn more About Cash Back Bonuses. Below are Types of Online Casino Cash Back Offers.

Types of Online Casino Cash Back Offers

Welcome Bonus

This type of bonus is given to new players after they made the first deposit at a certain Online Casinos; this is done to encourage such gamblers to join the gambling sites. The common welcome bonus given to players is always 100% for the first deposit and the bonus is always based to up to a maximum of $200. Any new player who deposits his or her first deposit to the account of a gambling site up to $200 will have a chance of getting the same money as a bonus which is equivalent to the amount of money he/she has deposited.

A new player can make a first deposit which is more than $200. In this case, the online casino will have to stick to the bonus which is supposed to give to a player who has deposited $200. Gambling casino sites are known to offer welcome bonus which sometimes are even 400% on the first deposit made by a new player. Other casinos also offer a welcoming bonus on a number of first deposits made after a new a player has joined their betting company, with the bonus being reached a region of $10,000.

Reload bonus

These are bonuses that are usually offered to players on deposits made by a player after player has been availed with the welcome bonus.

Cash Back On Losses

Nowadays casinos have come to realize that players feel bad when they keep on losing their money at the casinos. They have now decided to offer a certain amount of money which is always a proportion of the loss incurred by a player at the casinos. This offer would 20% of the total losses incurred by a certain player during the week of playing and the maximum of this bonus is $100.

Cash Back on Total Bets

This is an amazing bonus offer made at the online casinos. The offer is given to the players no matter if the player has won the game or not. The player is offered a bonus basing on the amount of money he/she has managed to play at the casinos.

Payment of Cash Backs

Cash backs are always associated with individual deposits and the payment is always done as soon as the player has made his/her deposit to the account of the online casino.